Learn about Maritime and Waterway Permits for Private and Public Sector Operators

Permits are used for parking, but did you know they are also used by the maritime sector?

We've all seen parking permits issued at car parks and on residential streets but parking isn't the only industry that uses permits, they're also widely used for managing waterways, harbours and commercial vessels.

Licences and permits are used in commercial shipping and fishing, marine construction, waterside leisure activities, sailing and boating, and other watersports. In this article, we highlight some of the different uses of permits on the coast and inland waterways and rivers.

In this eBook we highlight the wide range of uses for permits in the marine sector.

  • Inland waterways management
  • Canal and river boat licencing
  • Paddleboard, canoe, and kayak permits
  • Marina fees and charges
  • Leisure fishing licence management
  • Commercial shipping port charges
  • Cargo loading and unloading fees
  • Shipping pilotage permit fees
  • Marine construction works permits
  • Commercial fishing permits
  • Dredging permit management
  • Mudlarking and metal-detecting permits
  • Coastal leisure vessel permits
  • Parking and permits for marinas and ports
  • The future of marine permit management

Download the eBook

Download the eBook